Different Genre of Casino Slots Games

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Slots machines used to come in different shapes and sizes, and more importantly, they are intentionally so designed so that they could meet maximum casino players’ demands. In line with land casinos, online casinos have also defined various avatars of slot games and these are very much similar to what land casinos used to have, however, there are few basic differences which are obvious with every online casino game. Generally speaking, slots games are classified according to their reels, like three reels slots, five reels slots, and, etc., and similarly, there are other slot variants which are based on their gameplay rather number of reels they have. Basically, each broad variant of slot games has been developed keeping in mind different playing regions, like fruit slots are more popular in European market while pokies are Australian specifics. Likewise, slots are also classified by prizes they offered, e.g., progressive and non-progressive slots.

If we sum up all the available slot’s variants found in every gambling market, they come to tens in number, yet only few of them are being made available by most of the online casinos coz of their global demands. Take an example of Mega Spin slots, this slot game is intended for high rollers who can afford to play many slot games simultaneously right inside a single game, perhaps there is an option to play as many as 4, 6, or even 9 slots games at the same time. Fruit machine slots are in line with specified slot games which are basically meant for experienced players who understand slots terminology, coz these slot games have more options and technical buttons which are not understandable if a player is new to online slots. However, one of the most entertaining features a fruit slot game has is post winning additional game which is optional though. If played, this post winning game can double the winnings or also can lose everything if player could not win it.

Actually, slot is the second most popular casino game; second to poker, hence it also has different playing forms according to the places they are being played at, however, basic objective is still the same. Slot is indeed the only casino game which is also known for its interesting add-on features along with its best in class audiovisuals which entices every player who has never experienced today’s slots games in their true avatars.


Video Poker – An Ultimate Winning Machine Game

Video Poker - Online Casino Game

Online gaming industry is a fond of video poker that is an online playing form of traditional tabled Poker. Nowadays, Poker is not an alien game for any gaming enthusiasts, perhaps; it’s one of the biggest online playing games – just second to online slots. Basically, video poker is a similar to online slots game as far its winning paylines or pay through requirements is concerned, but it’s, significantly, different from slots in its gameplay and playing skills. Video Poker, like its offline form, involves achieving best hand ranking out of initially dealt five cards. However, during the game, players have been given options to replace their initial cards to make the best possible hand ranking with certain conditions. Over the years, there’re numerous video poker variants have emerged, and almost all of them are designed to target their place and region; they’re being played in. Like, in eastern countries, Keno is a poker alike casino game involving the mind jangling to target better hand rankings.


Video Poker’s Paylines

Video poker is a game of creating best hand ranking, but every hand ranking is not the same. Perhaps, each hand ranking pays different winning prize, according to the worth of its cards. Further, many standard hand rankings are a direct lift from its ancient table poker form where some hand rankings, like Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four of a Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, and other gives, significantly, higher winning prize than other hand rankings. Besides, in many video poker variants, there’s a wild card that helps to substitute any card to make a best possible hand ranking, which is an interesting online add-on to classic poker game.


Video Poker’s Simplicity

Video Poker is, indeed, a simple game to play and learn. Unlike table poker, where every player needs to possess the certain kind of skills, online poker can be played with a decent knowledge about the game and its objectives. Today, video poker is found in numerous variants in every online casino to allure a wide range of players. Besides an easy gameplay, video poker often requires a tiny pay through amount to play any of its variants – something like 5 cents or so. Video poker game is always known for its generous prizes and highest winning odds, so low wager doesn’t mean lesser prizes.

So, every online casino fan should try his hands on video poker game to gain most out of each dollar he puts in.


Online Casino Security and Privacy

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One of the things that you will always have to consider whenever you are playing cash games at online casinos is the security as well as the privacy provided by the site itself.  After all, you are going to share your personal data with the online casino, such as your name as well as contact information, and you would definitely want these details to be protected.  Aside from this, you will also want your credit card information to be kept safe and secure from malicious third parties, especially if you are going to make a deposit using your credit card.  For this reason here are some of the things that you need to understand about the security and privacy provided by the online casinos.


Safe transactions

If you are going to deposit money into your player’s account, then you need to check and see if the site is using a trusted and reputable processing service for credit cards.  A trustworthy processing service for credit cards makes use of state of the art encryption technology to see to it that all the sensitive data transferred over the Net is kept safe and secure.  Aside from this, the processing service also makes use of state of the art firewall system to see to it that all the sensitive data are kept in a very secure server.


Fair games

Another way that the online casinos protects its players is by making sure that all the games are fair and random.  They utilize random number generator to see to it that the games cannot be rigged and that the outcomes will always be random.  Aside from the random number generator, the online casino also makes use of external moderators.  These moderators inspect the online casino’s systems, making sure that it meets the guidelines required by the online gaming regulating bodies to better protect the players.  The online casino is also being audited by independent reputable auditing bodies to further protect the online casino players.

To see if the online casino can be trusted, you can look for the icons of those mentioned above.  You only need to look at the bottom of the online casino’s website and make sure that the icons, when clicked, will lead you to the websites themselves.  Remember, if you want to enjoy your online casinos games, then you need to start by choosing the best online casino.


Huge Win at Golden Palace Online Casino

5 Million Winning Streak - Online Casino Slot

Golden Palace Casino was pleased to announce that a lucky player at the online casino, Ann S. from Bermuda, scored almost $100,000 at will while playing the popular $5 Million Winning Streak before winning $302,700 on Desert Treasure on the very same day earlier on this month.

The online casino congratulated Ann who works as an Administrative Assistant and was informed by this lucky winner that this is the first time that she has ever won anything near this amount of money after playing online for approximately two years.

Ann also revealed that after seeing how much fun her niece was having playing at the online casino, she decided to create her own account and was absolutely thrilled with her big win. She has lots of plans for spending her win of $400,000 and would love to visit Panama in order to join a co-worked who will be attending a wedding there in February.

The sports themed $5 Million Winning Streak video slot machine features Boxing, Olympic streak, Skating Streak, Rodman Streak, Beckman Ball, Super Bowl Streak and US Open Streak. The slot game offers a top jackpot that pays out 1,000,000 coins. The bonus game is triggered by three Bags of Cash where players are required to click on various objects in order to reveal the bonus prize.

The symbols on the reels of the Desert Treasure slot game include an Arab, an oasis, a camel as well as high value cards with creepy crawlies. The wild symbol is the golden snake and the scatter symbol is the girl while the bonus round is opened by the map. Players can bet a maximum of 1,000 credits per spin in this slot game.

The online casino is powered by Playtech.

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The Gambler’s Fallacy – Online Casino Tips

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Gamblers are some of the most superstitious people on earth. Sometimes, even just mentioning the word ‘7’ on a craps table can cause some people to stare at you angrily. Some people even bring little trinkets to the casino because they believe that doing so would attract luck. The manner of believing in superstition differs mostly from person to person – but one thing is usually common among most gamblers: belief in the gambler’s fallacy.


About the Gambler’s Fallacy

The gambler’s fallacy refers to players’ belief that the past somehow influences future events in a casino game of chance. It’s easiest, perhaps, to explain by form of an example. Say you were playing roulette and the ball had just landed on the black for five times in a row. You start to think that it can’t possibly land on black again on the next turn, so you decide to bet a large amount on red. Then the ball does the unthinkable and lands on black yet again then you commence a silent episode of cursing the fates for their propensity for irony.

The thing is, past events in gambling have zero influence over the coming events. Ask any mathematician or grade school student and he’ll probably explain to you about probability. It’s really simple. Red has an equal amount of occurring after that red streak as black does. It could go either way.


It’s called a Fallacy for a Reason

The reason why so many people believe in the gambler’s fallacy despite convincing mathematical proof is because they’re looking at it the wrong way. When people see eight reds occur in roulette, they usually think that the probability of getting 9 reds in a row is really low. But the truth is, looking at things from such a perspective would be looking at things the wrong way. Take each spin independently and you get a 50/50 probability of red occurring each time. Black also has a 50/50 probability of occurring.

As such, if you ever see a betting system that has a shade of the Gambler’s fallacy, don’t bother to try it. Betting systems are great in the short term, but then so is flat betting. When all is said and done, there is no betting system that will really allow you to beat the house edge, so don’t count on anyone who is trying to tell you otherwise.

Do away with such fallacious beliefs and just gamble for fun. It’s what casinos are for, after all.